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President: Joël Borie
480.734.9847 - joel.borie@cox.net

New season practice starting Monday September 14.  Registration opening soon.

New players welcome, boys and girls!
Co-ed players, ages 6 through 13, learn the fundamentals of the sport: teamwork, fitness, respect for the competition and having fun!


2015-2016 Season
Practice starteing Monday September 14.  The season will go through April 2016.

Fall season going from mid-September through early December.  Spring season starts in early January and ends with playoffs in late February, but is followed by several friendly games.

Practice Mondays (Tackle & Touch), Wednesday (Touch) and/or Thursdays (Tackle) from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM.
Practice at Supai Middle school September to November, followed by Eldorado Park on 77th street North of Mc Dowell in December to March.  Players can attend either or all practices.  Practice locations subject to change per availability from the city, but to remain in the Southern half of Scottsdale.

Games are Saturday with younger squads playing first, and then going up by ages.

For the 2015-2016 season, 5 teams:
- U14 Co-Ed Tackle Rugby (ages 12 & 13)
- U14 Co-Ed Touch Rugby (ages 10 to 13)
- U12 Co-Ed Tackle Rugby (ages 10 & 11)
- U10 Co-Ed Tackle Rugby (ages 8 & 9)
- U10 Co-Ed Touch Rugby (ages 6 to 9)

There are also weight ranges for Tackle players, and based on it players can play up or down from their age.  Tackle players when interested can join in Touch Rugby games if there is no schedule conflict (no extra cost).

Tackle & Touch: $20 for the 2015-2016 year (fall and spring seasons). 

Players can attend either or both seasons.  2015-2016 registration opening soon

Additional costs to consider:
- Players must register with USA/Arizona Rugby to take part in the Arizona Rugby championship in January/February.  2014-2015 USA/Arizona Rugby membership was $10 for Touch Rugby and $50 for Tackle Rugby.
- Soccer cleats ,which can be purchased at any store.  Donated ones available for free.
- Uniforms: Royal Blue shirt, white shorts and blue socks.
    Tackle jerseys are kept by the team, but players can purchase Tackle shorts for $15 and socks for $5.
    Touch uniforms are $30.
    $20 printed jerseys available for players to proudly wear at school, and friends & family to wear at games to show their support.

For additional information visit our Practice page!

Youth Rugby in schools
Scottsdale teachers/parents interested in scheduling a Rookie Rugby demo or starting a Youth touch rugby program at your school: visit our Rookie Rugby Page.

Scottsdale Wolves Youth Rugby Team History
The Scottsdale Wolves Youth team was started in 2008 as an extension of the Scottsdale Wolves High School program.  The Wolves were AZ U13 champions in 2011 and 2012, and went on to gain additional titles and honors as the league expanded in several divisions.  We are extremely proud to be the oldest, largest and most decorated Youth Rugby team in Arizona.
Even though we are proud of the trophies obtained through the years, our main focus is to offer affordable, fun and safe exposure to rugby to the largest number of players.  We ensure that all players, regardless of skills, experience or age get play time and coaching focus.  We also pride ourselves in a big family culture with parent and supporter involvement to cheer the teams, and family picnic and game days where parents get to mix and play with kids, to join into the rugby experience through friendly touch rugby games.
The team is open to all and enrollment is not limited to a school or school district.   The objective is to introduce boys and girls to rugby through the non-contact version of the sport.  We hope for our players to embrace the fun and values of this great sport, and continue practicing it through our High School program.  The Scottsdale Youth team is tighly integrated with the other Scottsdale Rugby teams (High School and men), sharing administrative support, fields and other resources.

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About the president
Joël Borie is a Frenchman who grew up in the French rugby culture and acquired an unconditional love for the sport.  He moved to Arizona in 1990 to obtain an MBA at ASU and later settled and raised a family in Scottsdale.  Joel Borie is a USA Rugby certified level 200 coach.  Joël has been a proud member of the Scottsdale Blues Rugby Football club since 2005 and has been coaching the Youth team since 2009.

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