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High School History


Sat 1/15/11 -OP Lions 5 @ Scottsdale 40
Sat 1/22/11 -Hamilton 0 @ Scottsdale 43
Sat 1/29/11 -Tempe 56 @ Scottsdale 3

Fri 2/5/11 -Off
Fri-Sun 2/13-2/15 -USA 7's in Las Vegas TBD
Sat 2/19/11 -Scottsdale lost @ Red Mountain won
Sat 2/26/11 -West Valley 19 @ Scottsdale 10

Sat 3/5/11 -Scottsdale @ Tucson Barbarians/Blackbirds forfiet by Tucson
Sat 3/12/11 -Off
Sat 3/19/11 -Off
Sat 3/26/11 -Scottsdale 19 @ OP Lions 3

Thur 4/7/11 -Scottsdale 16 vs Tempe 43
Sat 4/16/11 -"CUP" championship: Scottsdale 38 vs West Valley 34

Scottsdale Wolves declared Arizona Cup winners for 2011!


Jon BrownfieldCenterHorizon High School
Ethan Brownfield11ForwardHorizon High School
Lee Caverly12ForwardSaguaro High School
Spencer Elliott12BackDesert Mountain High School
Cade Howell12ForwardArcadia High School
Andrew Pellistri FrosFullbackThunderbird High School
Pietro Bompressi
Dustin Calvert
Chase Cilley
Matt Harvey
Thomas Hollingsworth
Tim Miller
Jacob Reed
Alex Rossi
Dan Weser
Keith English
Zach Frazier



Sat 1/16/10 -Mesa 31 @ Scottsdale 3 @ T-Bird
Sat 1/23/10 -Tucson Barbarians @ Scottsdale (Cancelled due to rain)
Sat 1/30/10 -Scottsdale I 0 - Tempe I 17
-Scottsdale I 0 - Tempe II 21
-Scottsdale I 0 -Tempe III 7

Fri 2/5/10 -West Valley 19 @ Scottsdale 38
-U-13's Gold vs Blue TBD
Fri-Sun 2/13-2/15 -USA 7's in Las Vegas TBD
Sat 2/20/10 -Scottsdale U-19 5 @ Lions U-19 39
Sat 2/27/10 -Tempe 70 @ Scottsdale 7

Sat 3/6/10 -Scottsdale @ Mesa (Canceled)
Sat 3/27/10 -Lions U-19 10 @ Scottsdale 34 (Forfeit win to OP)
-U-13 matches TBD

Sat 4/3/10 -Scottsdale 26 @ West Valley 5 (2nd side WV 12- Scott 5)
Fri 4/9/10 -Scottsdale 0 @ Tucson Barbarians 66
Sat 4/10/10 -Scottsdale vs El Paso in Tucson (El Paso cnaceled)
Friday 4/16/10 -Scottsdale 22 vs OP Lions 22 (Coin toss win for Scottsdale)
Saturday 4/17/10 Cup State Championship: Scottsdale 26 vs Tempe B 15

Scottsdale Wolves declared Arizona Cup Winner for 2010!


1st Side 5 4 1
2nd Side 0 0 0

State Playoffs
Tucson 45- Scottsdale 20
Scottsdale 39- West Valley 12

4/3/09 Scottsdale forfeit win over Mesa

3/27/09 Scottsdale 10 @ ASU III 20 (Non U-19 Exhibition)
Pretty good for showing for both sides. Two former Scottsdale Woves now playing for the Sun Devels joined in with their former teammates in what we hope is an annual alumni type event. Any Pellistri scored the lone try for Scottsdale and Keyan Sedehi converted the try and kicked a beauty of a drop kick giving him 5 points on the night.

3/7/09 Scottsdale 43 @ Pumas 7
Six Scottsdale players went over to help fill in the short Pumas side to provide good rugby for all. Well done to those that supported the Pumas. Horizon senior Nate Chapman scored two tries to go with one try each from Horizon's Keyan Sedehi, Alex Davidson, Alex Cogan and Ian Mallon from New School of the Arts and Kevin Zimmerman from Basis HS. Sedehi converted three tries to make his daily scoring total 14 points. Andy Pellistri from Thunderbird HS chipped in one conversion.

2/27/09 Scottsdale 31 @ West Valley 27
Amazing match that Scottsdale led most of the night only to surrender the lead to West Valley will only time left for a re-start. Senior flanker Kevin Whitaker from Desert Mountain HS scored a dramatic try to seal the league win for Scottsdale as time expired. Horizon HS's Nate Chapman scored two trys, Alex Cogan scored one and Kevin Zimmerman from Basis scored another try. Keyan Sedehi from Desert Mountain converted three of the trys chipping in 6 cruicial points.

2/7/09 Scottsdale 15 @ Tempe 20

1/30/09 Scottsdale 7 @ Tucson Barbarians 12
Very good effort ended in a road loss as Tucson scored a last second try to prevail 12-7. Jimmy Tupuna from New Zealand scored the lone Scottsdale try in his first match with his new team. Jimmy crashed it over from the centers after several minutes of hard presure from the Scottsdale forwards. Thunderbird High junior Andrew Pellistri converted the try.

1/16/09 Scottsdale 42 @ OP Lions U-19 5
In the first ever league match for the new Lions U-19 team Scottsdale, led by Horizon High School senior Alex Davidson (3 trys) defeated the Lions. Contributing trys for Scottsdale were Alex Cogan, Nate Chapman, Kevin Zimmerman, Spencer Elliott and Clay Reszel. Andrew Pellistri kicked one conversions.

1/9/09 Scottsdale 22 vs West Valley 22
Horizon High School Senior Nate Chapman led his team to come from behind and tie a strong West Valley side in both teams first Pre-Season match. Chapman scored two second half tries. Second Year man Jimmy Shaw also scored a try. Andrew Pellistri kicked in one penalty kick and two conversions.



1st Side 6 3 0
2nd Side 2 3 0

4/18/08 Scottsdale 14 vs Coldwater/Westview 12
Horizon senior Ben Van Der Walt scored two tries for Scottsdale and captain Wil Walmsley converted both tries as Scottsdale earned a nice road win to improve to 6-3. Scottsdale won the mixed 2nd side 13-0 as Desert Mountain junior Kevin Whitaker and Horizon junior nate Chapman scored for Scottsdale.

4/11/08 Scottsdale 13 vs Mesa 53
Pretty good rugby game that saw Mesa soundly out duel the smaller Scottsdale side. Junior Kevin Whitaker from Desert Mountain HS and Junior Nate Chapman from Horizon HS scored trys for the home team, Scottsdale. Senior captain Wil Walmsley from Horizon HS kicked a 3 point penalty kick. Mesa is clearly the best team in the state!!!

3/28/08 Scottsdale 24 vs Coldwater/Westview 12 This was a very good high school rugby match. Scottsdale jumped out to a 12-0 lead at the half only to see CW/WV tie the score at 12 before Scottsdale put it away 24-12.

3/7/08 Scottsdale 15 vs Coldwater/Westview 7
Lewis Toporek from Saguaro High School and Captain Wil Walmsley from Horizon High School scored tries for Scottsdale and Logan Douglas from Desert Mountain High School knotted one conversion kick. This was the first game ever played for the comined Coldwater Rugby Club from Agua Fria HS and Westview HS.

Scottsdale won the 2nd game 10-0 on tries scored by Alex Davidson and Wil Walmsley both from Horizon High School.

2/29/08 Scottsdale 5 @ Tucson 14
Junior Kevin Zimmermann from Desert Mountain High School scored the lone try for Scottsdale as the home team Tucson won.

3/1/08 Scottsdale 12 vs El Paso 10 (In Tucson)
A thrilling come from behind victory was had by Scottsdale as Kevin Zimmermann scored a last minute try to lead a spirited effort by the Wolves!

2/16/08 Mesa 21 @ Scottsdale I 8 @ T-Bird (Mesa forfeit for player an ineligible player)
This was a pretty good match with Mesa winning. Scottsdale Captain Wil Walmsley from Horizon HS kicked a penalty kick for 3 points and his Horizon HS classmate senior Ben Van Der Walt scored a hard earned 5 point try for Scottsdale.

In the second match Coldwater & Scottsdale combined to play Tucson with Tucson coming out on top 29-10. Glenn Flanagan from Agua Fria HS and Randy Higle From Westview HS scored tries for the mixed side.

In a third match El Paso II and a mixed squad from Scottsdale and Mesa tied 12-12.

1/25/08 Scottsdale I 6 --Tucson I 22
Scottsdale II 0 --Tucson II 17

Captain Wil Walmsley from Horizon High School kicked two penalty kicks for the only points for Scottsdale as the home team Tucson out played the visitors from Scottsdale and Coldwater RC.

1/18/08 Scottsdale I 20 --Tucson I 5
Scottsdale II 0 --Tucson II/Coldwater 10

In the first match Nate Chapman from Horizon HS opened the season scoing a nice team effort try. Ian Mallen from The New School of the Arts and senior Douglas Logan from Desert Mountain HS also scored trys. Captain Wil Walmsley from Horizon HS chipped in a conversion and a penalty kick for the home side.

In the second side, new start up club Coldwater Rugby Club from Agua Fria HS joined in with Tucson to defeat Scottsdale II's 10-0. Many new players got the chance for their first ever live action.


 2007 RECORD

A Side 3 6 0
B Side 3 2 0

4/13/07 Scottsdale A 0 --Mesquite A 38
Scottsdale/Tuc/WV B 3 --Mesquite B 19

These matches were played as the AZ High School Tournament.

3/30/07 Scottsdale A 12 --Tucson A 16
Scottsdale B 19 --Tucson B 0

Great effort by the 16 lads that made the trip came up a bit short. B side handily outdid Tucson's B 19-0.

3/23/07 Scottsdale A 43 --Westview A 7
Scottsdale B 14 --Westview B 12

Six players scored trys for Scottsdale led by senior Brian Smith of Desert Mountain High School with two tries. Others with one score each were Tom Swanson, Nick Rita and John Dengel from Desert Mountain HS, Wil Walmsley from Horizon HS and Trevor Haas of Saguaro HS. John Reynolds from DMHS and exchange student Valerio Taverna from Notre Dame notched two conversions each.
For the second game Lewis Toperek from Saguaro HS and Tim Hugo from Copper Ridge HS scored a try each and Hugo converted both trys as Scottsdale won a close one 14-12.
3/9/07 Scottsdale 0 --Mesa 49
Scottsdale B 14 --Mesa 19

John Dengel, senior from Desert Mountain High School; in his first game back this year after winning the state basketball championship scored two tries in the B match for Scottsdale.

3/2/07 Scottsdale 10 --West View 0
Great competitive matches; the A side was tied 0-0 at the half. Valerio Taverna from Notre Dame HS knotted a penalty kick early in the 2nd half that was followed by a nice forward movement culminating in a try by senior Nick Rita from Desert Mountain HS. Taverna converted the try settling the final score at 10-0 in favor of Scottsdale.

The B side match saw many young and new players get valuable experience with Westview prevailing 5-0.

2/23/07 Scottsdale 3 --Mesa 38
Halftime score saw Scottsdale hold their own against powerfull Mesa with the score 7-0 in favor of Mesa. Midway through the 2nd half it was still close at 14-3. Late in the match Mesa piled on points as Scottsdale played all their players.

2/3/07 Scottsdale 5 --Mesquite 17
Scottsdale B 26 --Mesquite B 3

Mesquite jumped out to a 12-0 lead in the first half. Scottsdale fought hard and played them even in a great second half effort. Nick Rita of Desert Mountain High School scored Scottsdale's try off a 5 meter scrum. The B side match saw Pablo Peralta from Desert Mountain High School score 16 points (2 trys and 3 conversions). Dan Hidebrand from Arcadia High School and Lewis Torporek from Sahauro High School each scored a try for Scottsdale.

2/3/07 Scottsdale 5 --El Paso B 7
Wil Walmsley from Horizon High School scored the lone points for Scottsdale in a disappointing day that saw El Paso convert a late try to get the win.

1/26/07 Scottsdale 11 --Tucson 10
Scottsdale hung on to beat Tucson in the first league match of the year for both teams. Joe Carter from Arcadia High School scored a nice team drive over try and Tim Hugo from Copper Ridge High School split the uprights for two penalty kicks.



A Side 4 6 0
B Side 0 1 0

2006 season awards:
-Rookie of the Year-Underclassman Joe Carter, sophomore, Arcadia HS
-Rookie of the Year-Upperclassman Tie: Dave Hildebrand, senior, Arcadia HS and Jesse Morrison, senior, Arcadia HS
-Most Improved Player Shane Gibson, junior, Desert Mountain HS
-Iron Man Shane Gibson, junior, Desert Mountain HS
-Most Valuable Forward Nick Rita, junior, Desert Mountain HS
-Most Valuable Back Dan Hildebrand, sophomore, Arcadia HS
-Most Valuable Player Parker Howell, senior, Arcadia HS


1/13/06 Scottsdale 0 --Mesa 24
1/20/06 Scottsdale 7 --Mesquite "B" 5
Scottsdale managed to hang on to beat the Mesquite 2nd side. Parker Howell from Arcadia High converted his own long try to account for all 7 Scottsdale points. Mesquite scored a try with about 10 minutes to go in the second half but failed on the conversion. This was a pretty equal contest. Many thanks to Mesa who provided 4 players to join in with Scottsdale.

2/4/06 Scottsdale 32 --Tucson 10
Scottsdale impressively defeated Tuscon behind two try's along with one conversion from Parker Howell of Arcadia High School. Other try's came from Chad Munsey, Dan Hildebrand and Jesse Morrison all from Arcadia High School and Kevin Benharbon of Desert Mountain High School.

2/25/06 Scottsdale 17 --El Paso 66
El Paso scored early and often against a young Scottsdale side. Scottsdale fielded 5 first time players against the more experienced El Paso team. Great thanks to Andrew and Paul from Tucson for joining in with Scottsdale to make a total of 16 players making the trip. Parker Howell scored 12 points and Andrew Matyas added 5 for the Wolves.

3/3/06 Scottsdale 20 --Mesquite "B" 3
Scottsdale overcame an early 3-0 Mesquite lead to win 20-3 on the strength of 2 trys by Arcadia's Parker Howell and a well earned try by Desert Mountain's Albert Schweitzer. Parker Howell notched one conversion for a total of 12 points for the second match in a row and new comer, young Tim Hugo of Cheyenne Middle School notched a penalty kick for his first three points with the team.

3/10/06 Scottsdale "A" 30 --Westview "A" 17
On a cool breezy evening the Scottsdale U-19 High School Rugby Club came of age with an exciting victory, 30-17 over a good Westview HS side. Westview took the early lead and held a 17-13 halftime advantage. The home team scored three tries to none in the second half to proudly earn the victory. Scottsdale had a well balanced attack with tries coming from 3rd year players Nick Rita and Tom Swanson both of Desert Mountain HS. Sophmore Ben Van der Walt of Horizon HS scored two tries and Parker Howell of Arcadia HS chipped in with one try and two conversion kicks. This was a great victory for the entire team. Several new players saw action in the first ever second side match for Scottsdale as Westview came out on top 19-7 in the second match. Jesse Morrison of Arcadia scored the try and was converted by young Tim Hugo of Cheyenne Middle School.

3/10/06 Scottsdale "B" 7 --Westview "B" 19

3/16/06 Scottsdale --Mesa
Mesa was unable to field a full side and forfeited the league match. Both teams played a 10's exhibition which was won by Mesa 27-12. Nick Rita from Desert Mountain HS and Jesse Morrison from Arcadia HS scored trys for Scottsdale. Dan Hildebrand from Arcadia HS notched one conversion.

Arizona High School Tournament
4/7/06 First Match- Mesquite 17 --Scottsdale 0
Second Match: Westview “A” 18 vs. Scottsdale 5
Third Match: Mesa 22 vs. Scottsdale 0



1/21/05 Scottsdale 3--Mesa 28 Out-manned by many pounds per man, the Scottsdale U-19 lads put up a courageous effort only to fall to a very strong Mesa side 28 to 3 in the first league contest of the year for both sides. Tyler Milner scored the only points for Scottsdale on a well place penalty kick in the second half. (Referee: Sam Merrill)

2/4/05 Scottsdale 8 --Tucson 5
In a very close and well contested match, the home team pulled out a close victory over the visitors from Tucson. Parker Howell, junior from Arcadia High School, touched down a first half try after a long run to reward the entire team for a true team effort. Chris Bendau, a senior from Arcadia High School, knotted the winning penalty kick as the whole team really came together to prevent Tucson from scoring any further points after Tucson scored early on a nice try on a short side penalty play. (referee: Joe Loud)

2/28/05 Scottsdale 8 @ Westview 10
Parker Howell of Arcadia High School scored a fabulous try in the corner on another long run after a scrum and Tyler Milner of Desert Mountain High School notched through a beautiful drop goal for the Scottsdale side. Westview prevailed on their home pitch 10-8. (referee-Salty Thompson)

3/4/05 Scottsdale 10 @ Mesa 34
Half time score saw the match at 10-7 Mesa. About 10 min into the 2nd half the score was 17-10 Mesa. Scottsdale hung there but as the match wore on the larger Mesa side surged ahead and won the match. By scoring in the corner on a quick tap penalty play, which was converted by Tyler Milner, Parker Howell now has a three match scoring streak. Milner also notched a long penalty kick. (Referee-John Lockett)

3/11/05 Scottsdale 3-- Tempe 22
Tempe held the lead 5-3 at halftime then came on very strong the second half to win handily 22-3 scoring 4 trys in the process. Scottsdale was without three starting forwards requiring uncontested scrums. Give Tempe credit for a good win! (Referee-Pieter Hugo)

3/30/05 Scottsdale 5 @ Mesquite 44
Scottsdale got out front 5-0 on a nice long try by junior Carlos Dengel of Desert Mountain High School. This was Carlos's first score in his brief rugby career. Mesquite went up at half time 12-5 and surged ahead with numerous fresh players in the second half. Scottsdale played hard but only 16 players could not keep up the a better more experienced Mesquite side.

Philip Dodd of Arcadia High School had a nice game as did Josh Walker of Chaparral High School. Tulio Quijada, an exchange student from Venezuela, South America and Parker Howell of Arcadia High School were presented a tee shirt for being selected the forward and back "Man of the Match." (referee: Joe Loud)

4/8/05 Scottsdale 22 @ Tucson 29
In one of the more entertaining high school matches of the year, the Tucson Badgers earned a home & home split by defeating the gutsy Scottsdale Wolves 29-22.

Scottsdale traveled down to Tucson with only 13 players. As called for in the Youth Guidelines, the gracious host from Tucson matched their opponents numbers as both teams seemed to enjoy the extra space of less numbers and treated the nice crowd to a wonderful match.

Tucson got out early and was comfortably ahead at the half 17-3. Senior flyhalf, Tylner Milner of Desert Mountain High School slotted a 3 point penalty kick for the Wolves. Down 24-3 early in the 2nd half, the momentum shifted towards Scottsdale as junior scrumhalf Parker Howell of Arcadia High School scored off a penalty on a nice quick tap try near the corner. Parker Howell scored his second try of the half on a nice long run narrowing the gap to 24-15 after Milners conversion.

Credit goes to Tucson who consistently counter attacked resulting in another try making it 29-15. As time wore on the Scottsdale forwards were rewarded for their efforts as senior 2nd row Athen Tueros of Notre Dame High School was credited with his first try of the year as several forwards including Josh Walker of Chaparral HS and Ryan Bond and Nick Rita of Desert Mountain HS assisted by driving him over the line bringing the final margin to 29-22. The visitors from Scottsdale simply ran out of time as late momentum was in their favor. Both Tucson and Scottsdale showed what rugby is all about as both teams celebrated together after the match. Scottsdale Man of the Match honors went to Tulio Quijada for the forwards and Parker Howell for the backs.

These two teams split their regular season matches and both have a chance to better the other as they face each other for a third time this season next Saturday in the All Arizona High School Tournament at Mesquite High School. (Referee duties were admirably handled by Knute Knudsen)

4/16/05 Arizona High School Tournament @ Mesquite High School
8am-Mesquite "A" 20 - Mesa 7
9am- Scottsdale 26 - Mesquite "B" 19
10am-Mesquite "A" 15 - Tempe 10
11am-Tucson beat Mesquite "B"
12pm-Mesa 0 - Tempe 0
1pm- Tucson 36 - Scottsdale 3

4/16/05 Scottsdale 26 @ Mesquite B 19
In another thriller 10 a side match, Scottsdale came out on top on the strength of 2 brilliant first half trys by junior Philip Dodd of Arcadia High School and 2 magnificent second half trys by senior captain Tyler Milner of Desert Mountain High School. Milner converted 3 of the trys capping off 16 individual points.

4/16/05 Scottsdale/Mesa 3 @ Tucson 36
A mixed side consisting of 10 Scottsdale players and 5 Mesa players were soundly beaten by an emerging Tucson side. Duke from Mesa notched a drop goal. In the true spirit of rugby, Mesa supported Scottsdale with several players, once again showing the everlasting bond not only among Scottsdale & Mesa but of rugby players in general. Good show mates!


2 7 0

4/23/05 Maricopa 7's
Five teams competed in the first Maricopa 7's event. (seven a side matches do not count in the regular season standings). Scottsdale played four matches:
Tempe 35 Scottsdale 5 (Nick Ryan 1 try)
Westview I 10 Scottsdale 5 (Parker Howell 1 try)
Scottsdale 15 Westview II 15 (Lewis Toporek, Tyler Milner and Parker Howell 1 try each)
Mesa 35 Scottsdale 5 (Parker Howell 1 try)

Total scoring for the four matches:
Parker Howell 3 trys
Nick Ryan 1 try
Lewis Toporek 1 try
Tylner Milner 1 try


2004 was the first year the newly formed Scottsdale High School U-19 Rugby Club

2004 Results
3/13/04 Scottsdale & Mesa tied 0-0
Westview 41 Scottsdale 7
3/17/04 Dallas 10 Scottsdale 0
Mesa 10 Scottsdale 0.
3/20/04 Scottsdale "B's" 17 Tucson
Badgers "B's" 17
3/27/04 Mesa Knights 42 Scottsdale 0
4/9/04 Phoenix 16 Scottsdale 9
4/17/04 Phoenix 19 Scottsdale 3
Tucson 14 Scottsdale 3

2004 Arizona Tournament Results:
El Paso 17 Westview 14
Phoenix 19 Scottsdale 3
Mesa 0 El Paso 12
Tucson 3 Phoenix 0
Westview 5 Mesa 5
Tucson 14 Scottsdale 3